Vidial is an unlimited high-quality content machine!

Collect authentic UGC from your customers
on autopilot.

Get unlimited content to create ads that converts.

Getting UGC that converts
is a mess... 

Creators are overpaid and unauthentic

All brands are using fake UGC that costs too much, to get bad results.

Collecting UGC manually is a nightmare.

Manually asking your customers to send you videos via email is very messy.

Getting diversified content is hard.

Having a large quantity of UGC from different people is hard and costly.

The ultimate solution
to scale your brand.


Get unlimited authentic and high-quality UGC from your customers.

Get hundreds of testimonials that converts so you never run out of content.

Create a script for your customers
to get UGC that sells.

Turn your customers into true ambassadors
and let them market your brand.

Use authentic content for your ads, social proof and social media.

Scale your brands using genuine and authentic videos.
Social Proof
Unlimited Ads

Reward your customers to increase their loyalty and boost your sales.

Encourage your customers to send UGCs
by rewarding them with gift cards.
Boost Sales
Boost LTV

Welcome to the era of
Customer Generated Content.


Collect testimonials on autopilot

Vidial automatically sends emails to your customers asking them to submit UGC.

Customize UGCs scripts

Set the instructions of your landing
page for your customers.

One Click Reward

Reward your customers only if the video is approved.

Store all your content
in one place

Centralize every collected videos
on your Vidial dashboard.

Brands are loving Vidial.

Oma & Me

We used to use email flows to collect UGC videos from our customers, but Vidial has been a real game changer. We no longer need to create gift cards manually, nor do we need to save the videos and put them in a Drive. I would recommend Vidial to any brand.


Brands are loving Vidial.

DTF Transfer Zone

Vidial has truly been a game-changer for us.

In just one week, we've received over 10 authentic customer videos that deeply connect with our audience.
Not to mention the boost in ad performance and sales!

The best part was reaching out to past customers, sparking engagement and getting even more videos.

Vidial took care of all the details, including automatic gift card rewards only if the video is approved.

We absolutely recommend with our eyes closed - it should be a must-have in 2023!

Grounded Kiwi

We've collected many video testimonials that capture our customers' genuine appreciation for our products.

Seeing the true impact we have on people's lives has not only boosted our morale but also significantly improved our ad engagement and sales. We kept the video briefs as natural as possible for that real, relatable feel.

Kudos to Vidial for making authenticity achievable!

Authentic Content
For A Few Bucks.


Collect up to 10 monthly UGC
videos from your customers,
to use for your Ads, Reviews
and Social Networks.
10 monthly UGC videos
4,000 post-purchase emails
1 year video storage


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Collect up to 50 monthly UGC
videos from your customers,
to use for your Ads, Reviews
and Social Networks.
50 monthly UGC videos
20,000 post-purchase emails
1 year video storage


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Collect up to 200 monthly UGC
videos from your customers,
to use for your Ads, Reviews
and Social Networks.
200 monthly UGC videos
100,000 post-purchase emails
1 year video storage


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Popular Questions

How does Vidial work to collect UGC Videos from customers?

Vidial is a Shopify app that automates the process of collecting UGC videos from your customers.
Once integrated, the app sends out customizable emails to your customers, incentivizing them to submit UGC videos in exchange for store credits.

Can I review and approve the UGC Videos before rewarding customers?

Absolutely! Vidial allows you to review and approve or decline UGC videos submitted by your customers.
Only after you approve a video will the customer receive their reward, ensuring you maintain control over the content associated with your brand.

How can Vidial help increase my sales revenues?

Vidial helps you collect authentic UGC videos that build trust and engage your audience.
This leads to higher conversion rates, increased ad engagement, and improved customer loyalty and lifetime value, ultimately boosting your sales revenues.

Is Vidial easy to set up and integrate with my Shopify Store?

Yes, Vidial is designed to be user-friendly and easy to set up.
Once installed, you can customize email templates, instructions, and reward settings to align with your brand and marketing strategy. The app also integrates seamlessly with your Shopify store, making the process hassle-free.


Ready to scale your brand?

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